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Value Added

At its core, Alpax’s mission is to assist our clients get the best possible terms for their venture. We believe that our clients’ interests come first, and our strongest asset is our reputation, which we have built and demonstrated through our recurring customers. We are able to provide this level of service thanks to several factors.

Regional Presence

Alpax has six offices spread across Latin America in Miami, Bogota, Quito, Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz, and Asuncion. This geographical coverage enables Alpax to maintain a direct line of contact with industry leaders and identify opportunities as they arise. This physical presence translates into high success rates of cross-border transactions.

Furthermore, as Alpax is a member of the Alliance of International Corporate Advisors (“AICA”), it can extend its regional coverage to identify targets and opportunities around the world. AICA is an organization with selective membership that has ties that span across more than thirty countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Sector Focus

Alpax has an expertise in key sectors that include, but are not limited to, food & beverages, retail, logistics & distribution, real estate, financial institutions, and agribusiness. This focus enables Alpax to deeply understand an industry’s parameters for success and drivers, as well as track its developments and maintain relationship with its business leaders.

This translates into a unique ability to present Alpax’s clients to their counterparts in the best possible light.


Alpax has closed a combined transaction value of over US$5 Billion, and never had a breach of confidentiality or leak in the press. This is thanks to proven methods and policies that Alpax practices and teaches its clients.

Senior Involvement

Alpax’s senior managers are directly involved from start to finish in all projects and transactions, and are available to the clients. The combined 75 years of experience of the managing team convert into valuable insights that are shared with all Alpax team members, and benefit the clients.